About The Project

äntrepō is a studio publication interested in conceptual and experimental graphic design and its intersection with  fine art. It is concerned with new and evolving methods of design as driven by experimental thinking and practice. äntrepō is an outlet for anyone interested in celebrating design for design’s sake, stepping away from commercial representations of the field.

The name comes from the phonetic spelling of the word entrepôt — relating to ports or trading posts during the time of wind-powered shipping where merchandise and goods were collected, traded and distributed. The publication’s purpose is likewise to serve as a hub for the exchange of ideas, processes, and practices.


The Publication

äntrepō is published annually in limited edition volumes that showcase original designs, interviews and work from contributing artists, designers, and writers. The first volume is in development and will be available in Summer 2020.

“Extras” are mini-editions that feature in-progress designs and content giving a peek inside the projects’ process.” In Vol #1, the first edition of “Extras", we talk with London-based graphic artist Kristine Kawakubo about her experimental and expressive design work and we take a look back to Beatrice Ward’s seminal text on typography, “The Crystal Goblet”, to reflect on the concept of legibility. Vol #1 is the first in this series of publications which are meant to be an inspiring collection of interviews, experimental layouts, critical writings on art and design and essays. 

Vol #1 will be available October 15th.
If you’re interested in receiving a copy, please send an email to



The Podcast

The äntrepō podcast is an interview series that airs live each Friday at 11:00am ET. on the Full Service Radio Network. During each episode host Nathan Hill interviews designers, artists, and experts in their field in order to uncover unique perspectives on methods, craft, process and the creative community. This is a mixture of local,
national and international guests.

Recent and upcoming episodes:
EP 01: Christopher Kardambikis / Printmaking and Zines
EP 02: Trey Jones / Furniture Design
EP 03: PLAKOOKEE / Experimental Art and Design
EP 04: Design Brief with Nathan Hill
Ellen Lupton / Education and Design
Perrin Drumm / AIGA Eye On Design
Colin K. Bills / Lighting and Stage Design