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Booz Allen Hamilton

Formal Concept: A blind emboss cover conveys the concept of creating individual “new paths” while the bulk of the content is delivered in a colorful expressive manner to convey the differences between and originality within each person’s career path at Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH).

Who was the intended audience? BAH existing and incoming employees.

What were the goals and objectives for this project? To design a custom internal facing publication speaking to the firm’s employment opportunities and personal growth options. The publication is meant to excite employees of all the possibilities and paths available to them.

Were there any notable challenges to overcome? The publication’s challenge was to effectively communicate and excite a very traditional and straightforward audience about the opportunities, competitive advantages and corporate values of BAH in a memorable way. We achieved this by delivering a product that utilizes custom photography of actual BAH employees, hand lettering, illustrations, typographic layouts and variety in paper stock to visually and texturally stimulate the reader.

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