Chloe is Chef Haidar Karoum’s first solo restaurant located in the Southeast Waterfront neighborhood of Washington, DC. Chloe, named for Karoum’s eldest niece, as well as the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture, pays homage to Karoum’s Lebanese roots. We designed the restaurant’s exterior signage and menus to celebrate the influences behind the food. We were most inspired by gold and wheat—symbols of plenty and prosperity.


The double gold foil mounted to the windows is a deliberate design element. We wanted to make sure the subtle elements of the logo (wheat) would catch in the light from the exterior inviting passersby inside. We carefully curated the experience for diners inside so they could also enjoy the gold foil while sitting at their tables.


The menu set was designed and hand screen-printed in gold to provide a bespoke quality and note of luxury. All menus (food, beverage and specialty cocktail) were designed so that restaurant staff could easily print and produce menus in-house using custom-printed templates.


The blade sign had to conform to a basic outline set forth by building standard. Our approach was to turn the square on it’s side, setting it apart. The signs angle allowed us to add illuminated features to the thickness, catching attention from an additional direction.