Solid State Books

Solid State Books is an independent bookstore located in the historic H Street Corridor of Washington, DC. We were ecstatic when we were brought on to design their complete store experience. We wanted the designs and experience to reflect Solid State’s mission to bring the community together through events, book clubs, and a love for reading. We paid special attention to each and every element of the store to ensure the best possible experience for the bibliophile and DC community at large.

The store has been featured in Washingtonian, Washington Post, and Brightest Young Things.


As an integral part of the customer’s experience, we designed the point of sale to feel like coming to a seat at the table in the community. We took this literally by incorporating a bar on one side for those coming to enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or their favorite craft beer. Shelves are constructed into the sides of the point of sale to display additional reads for the customer to browse through before completing their purchase.

For the installation, we assembled 480 sheets of paper on copper wiring in semi-circles above the point of sale. The light bounces off of the white edges of paper for a light and airy effect—the reader has finally made it to book-heaven.


We wanted the Children's' section, located at the heart of the store, to illustrate the joys of being a kid. Because of its location, we imagined the space to be centered around a tree. We wanted this section to be whimsical, encourage exploring, sharing and fun. We created the tree canopy by sewing felt leaves in house and hanging them from the ceiling. The leaves fill the section, creating the perfect reading area. Tunnels and a reading nook engage little readers (and their guardians) in the space.


We designed custom wallpaper for the restrooms to bring the fun full circle. The wallpaper pulls in Solid State’s brand colors in a playful illustration style.